Reaching optimism for 2016

Just as I was writing a new post on "The fear of being judged" (title wasn't clear yet), the website crashed and so the content was lost. I guess after losing about two pages that I have just written, it's the best time to write on the importance of having a positive mindset. Oh wait, wasn't my last post about that? Yes it was, so I might just write a new piece on it to remind you and let you know that there's no point on being negative.
2015 is coming to an end. Are you satisfied and have you accomplished what you wanted this year?
No, well you sure as hell aren't the only one.
The bad news is, this year is coming to an end.
The good news is: This year is coming to an end!
So for the rest of the year, how about you prepare and get into the right mindset, so that when you enter 2016, you are ready to make every single day count!
We fill ourselves with worries and negative thoughts over the smallest things in life!
While in reality we are powerful beyond measure and have all it takes to achieve greatness!
Sure, sometimes you have to remain realistic and know what tools are in front of you, but that should go without saying, because not everybody is really able to fly to another planet or become the greatest athlete in a specific kind of sport or go to study at Harvard (well,maybe...). But that is why you should always have multiple goals in life and before anything else, search within and discover your purpose, talent, and true goals in life.
Know that age shouldn't play a role, nor should grades or any degrees. Just look at all the information the internet provides us with. It has never been so easy to create a website, write a book, learn how to become a filmmaker, photographer, and so much more. You just need to get into the right mind-set and start working on your dreams.
With that being said, look at how far you have come. So many people live in worse conditions, might never see the end of the day, yet so many complain about their situation. Of course, I mean when people don't do anything about the situation they are in and just wait for "inspiration" to kick in, let me tell you, they aren't moving forward, they are digging themselves into a deep hole of worries and frustration.
Why worry, when all it does is limit your imagination, creativeness and holds you back from greater things to come? Worry has never brought anybody happiness.
Sure, it can be normal to worry, but you should never let it get to the extend that you start to panic! So how about before it gets to the point where you worry about the future, just focus on the solutions and what needs to be done to light up the future.
There's always a solution, to everything!
Maybe it can't be done alone, but know that there are many like minded people out there, many who would be willing to help you out and many who would love to see your ideas come to life. The longer you wait though, the higher the risk of failure. So the conclusion and end result of 'worry' is simple: Failure, darkness, frustration and misery.
The solution to it is also very simple:
Before frustration kicks in, take a deep breath, remain calm and focus on the solution!
With 2016, you get a new chance, another brand new year where it is up to you whether you let it go to waste  or to make that year the best so far!
Start the first day with a positive attitude and make everyday count. NO, you know what?
How about you start doing that now? Why not make this day count? Why not start now making the rest of your life, the best of your life? Why not make every day count from this moment on?
I know that sometimes it feels as if the world is coming to an end and that everything around you has stopped moving, but that is not the case!
This world will continue to exist and everything around you will continue to evolve and grow. The people around you will try to find ways on how to improve their lives, so you might as well do it as well! Because what they are capable of doing, you most definitely are able to improve your life too!
Be optimistic, smile, laugh, live in the moment, enjoy being alive and remember that you are living YOUR life, so don't try to please everybody, you can't!
Search within, move forward with optimism and