Appreciate every breath you take

Being appreciative of life and enjoying it to the fullest is becoming harder than it ever was in this day and age! 
Sadly we need to see first how tough others have it, how others are starving and dying! Photos of dead children in Gaza, Syria, all around the Middle East, Africa and people dying or becoming homeless through more occurring earthquakes and natural disasters are a few examples we see more often all around us, mainly on social media or TV.
But when we see those things, how do we feel? Does it make us appreciate what we have even more? 
Does it make us realize that we have no reason to complain because at least we aren't being invaded, attacked and bombarded by drones. We are able to check Social Media and do so many things others can't even imagine to do such for example to simply use the internet (did you know that currently over 4.2 Billion people have no access to the internet?) 

Some look away, or see it, take it, feel bad and sad, yet it doesn't change anything about them!

Either way, this post is to remind you of something:

That breath you just took, and the one you hopefully are going to take in a few minutes and in between and in future,


So start living instead of just existing!

Rebel against the system which has manipulated society by voting with your lifestyle!

Believe in yourself and MAKE YOUR DREAMS BECOME REALITY!